Monday, September 26, 2016


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Big GM Order list of Kontakt instruments

All Keyboard Instruments - Piano, Electric Piano & Organ
Taylor Sampled Synths
Karoryfer Collection
Musyng Kite Collection
MSLP Collection 
Best of bigcat

The Orchestras
Sonatina Orchestra
Iowa Orchestra
VSCO 2 Orchestra
No Budget Orchestra
Standalone Maize VSTis for Win 32 & 64 & Mac

Necromare VSTis for Win 32

Blogs and Pages about freebies from around the net
Totally free no Kontakt required instruments
Best of Totally free instruments
Free instruments blog  including Kontakt instruments

Whats new?
I've been slowly making Kontakt versions of the No Budget Orchestra instruments.
Updated the Sonatina Choir VSTi and made an experimental Violin VSTi.
Added parts 3 and 4 to the Bender Roma Equator Taylor Sampled synth.
10 multi-velocity layer presets, drummy, guitary, all kinda stuff...

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