Tuesday, October 21, 2014

String Section Patch

Messing about with a (hopefully) decent quality instrument for string section type parts in my little Christmas album and thought I'd share the results. The lead instruments are the Ldk1609 Violin used in SSO and the Cello and Bass from MSLP combined with the violin, viola, celli and bass sections from SSO.  It's intended to be for backup string tracks where you don't feel like putting in a lot of work but want something that sounds realer than a synth patch. At 100 megs its fairly small, though it will eat up some voices. Any feedback is appreciated.

Creative Commons Attribution. Please credit Mattias Westlund and Erick Kvist.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quartertone Guitar

With 5 velocity layers, the Quartertone Guitar is a nice mix of aggressive sounds at the higher velocity layers as you can hear in the Bill Bailey Demo and gentler tones in the middle velocity layers as you can hear in the Arabesque Demo. There are 144 samples with a mix of every note and every other note sampled, except for the last note which I stretched to give extended range.

I found these samples browsing through Freesound.org. They were created by Quartertone from a Yamaha Eterna classical acoustic guitar, recorded with a CAD E100 microphone and are finger-plucked note performances.

They are licensed Creative Commons Attribution and can be used for any purpose including commercial.  Please credit Quartertone.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ldk1609 Violin

Creative Commons Attribution: ldk1609 @ www.freesound.org

This violin has a pleasant tone and a very natural sounding decay and with 250 samples and 6 articulations it is quite heavily sampled for a free instrument. Every note is sampled in a single velocity layer, though I extended the range a bit using the last high and low note.

There were some mistakes in the first version, that are now corrected.

Keystroke Articulations: 
E1 - Tremolo, F1 - Arco Non-Vibrato (Default), F#1 - Arco Vibrato,
G1 - Pizzicato Non-Vibrato, G#1 - Pizzicato Vibrato, A1 - Spiccato

Fiddling around - LDK1609 is the second half.