Monday, February 29, 2016

Pablo Project

Here is the Pablo Trumpet with samples by rcasamajo.

It comes in a standard and a mild version. The mild version cuts out the loudest sample group which can get a bit funky at times. There are two or three velocity layers and almost every note sampled, about 80 total. I edited them by hand so they should be nice and tight.
I used the Big Bob WIPS scripts, which adds fake round robins, legato and vibrato and if you have a wind controller, you can play the trumpet using it!

Creative Commons Attribution: rcasamajo
Creative Commons Picture by Derek Gleeson.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Recut Pianos

After a few complains about latency and other issues, I have reworked a couple pianos. First up is the Skerratt London piano by Kung Krille. I just hand edited the samples this morning and they should now be nice and crisp when you tap your keyboard.

Maize VSTi
Skerratt London Piano - AU

The Iowa is one of the most popular pianos, but has a few problems. I tried to do a better version by dropping out some samples that in the upper mid register at medium velocity that somehow came out almost mono. I also stretched the lowest C to go down to A as some of the lowest notes were pretty wonky. I wouldn't normally stretch notes this far, but bass samples are less noticeable.

Iowa Piano - Kontakt
Great Soundcloud Song by Reasy

Maize VSTi
Iowa Piano - 64
Iowa Piano -32
Iowa Piano - VST
Iowa Piano - AU

This is cool. Glyn Barnes from the Cakewalk forums has made these pianos compatible with the new Komplete Kontrol format. 

Komplete Kontrol

I don't understand all the details, but fortunately Glyn gave me the details on what you need to do to get everything up and running.
"The NKI should be copied to the same folder as the original NKI
The folder with the NKSN file should be copied to C:/Users/[user name]/Documents/Native Instruments/User Content/Kontakt
The NKSN should appear in the user tab of the Komplete Kontrol Browser.
When you click on this you will see the Kontakt Missing File dialog. Use the “resolve manually” option to locate an load the missing files, you will need to do this twice, once to find the NKI and once for the samples. Resave the NKI. Next go to the Komplete Kontrol file menu and re-save the pre-set.

On no account rename the new NKI or the pre-set file will not be able to find it.
If Komplete Kontrol cannot see the NKSN file check the folder is in the scan path."