Monday, March 26, 2018

VCSL Instruments for Kontakt

Well here we go again. Sam Gossner, the man behind Versillian Studios and the VSCO2 Orchestra, has created the Versilian Community Sample Library. It is really just starting, but there are already lots of fun samples. These samples and my instruments are CC0 which means you can use them for anything you like.

As always I'm using the acronym VCSL so that folks will know where the samples came from, these instruments are my own fault and Sam did all the amazing sampling work. I'm not affiliated with Versillian. I just love the free samples!

I tend to normalize samples and do other things to them, so when the SFZ versions come out from Sam or other clever SFZ devs, they might well be more to your liking. I'll let you know when they are released and where to get them. These instruments require a fairly recent version of Kontakt.


Samples CC0: Sam Gossner and Versillian Studios
Instruments CC0: bigcat instruments 

Here is a bonus instrument. Mattias Westlund of SSO fame created this violin trio using the violin samples from VSCO2, MSLP, ldk1609 and MIS. The zip also contains the SFZ mappings by Mattias.

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0: Mattias Westlund
There is a second included nki that smooths the transition from p to f and adds vibrato thanks to StatKsn from VI-C.

As per usual by downloading these instruments you are agreeing to terms and conditions.

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