Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Karoryfer Collection

The man known as DSmolken and his group Karoryfer Samples have sampled and released an amazing amount of original instruments for the SFZ format. These are completely free instruments released under the Creative Commons banner. Fortunately for me, Mr. Smolken doesn't seem to object to me creating Kontakt instruments from his efforts. So here is a collection of those instruments thus far. Note that Karoryfer has many more instruments including interesting synthy and glitchy types that fall outside the range of this blog and others that I just haven't gotten around to Konverting.

Pasta Bass - Baritone Guitar

To start off here is are four different versions of a Squier Bass VI recorded by Space Coyote. The spaghetti has round wound strings, the rest are flat wound. The tagliatelle is muted, the linguine is picked and the fetuccine is fingered and I also included a mild version without the highest velocity layers. They are sampled every three notes, in three velocity layers (four for the fetuccine) and have three or four round robins.

Creative Commons 3.0 Unported : Credit Karoryfer Samples

Cute Emily Guitar - Solid Guitar

I redid the Kontakt conversion of the brilliant D Smolkin's cutest creation. It now has 4 velocity layers and release samples and a great script new shell from Mickaël Ménager that lets you kick up an amp right in the instrument along with other cool effects.
Thanks to FLWrd for spotting a couple bad notes. They should now be fixed.

Creative Commons 3: Credit Karoryfer Samples

WereSax - Alto Saxophone
A nice Sax from our sample man. Mickaël Ménager's script and GUI provide the Electrification of the Sax. For those who want a more traditional Sax, there is also a WIPs Kontakt version without an amp simulation on board. The version on the Karoryfer site is very adventurous and well worth picking up.

Creative Commons Unported 3.0: Credit Karoryfer Sounds

272 Merry Orks - Lady Death (Metal Vocalist)

One of Karoryfer's more interesting projects was this vocal sampling. Being me, I had to try Kontakting some of the samples of the nice lady. This is very experimental.

Here are the keyswitches. Each sound is mapped across 4 octaves.
B - C1, C - C#1, Ch - D1, D - D#1, F - E1, G - F1, H - F#1, J - G1, L - G#1, M - A1, N - A#1, Ng - B1, P - C2, R - C#2, S - D2, Sh - D#2, T - E2, Th - F2, V - F#2, W - G2, Y - G#2, Z - A2

A - C3, a - C#3, ah - D3, ea - D#3, E - E3, ee - F3, e - F#3, i - G3, O - G#3, o - A3, oo - A#3, ou - B3, ow - C4, oy - C#4, OO - D4, u - D#4, y - E4
Creative Commons Unported 3.0: Credit Karoryfer Sounds

 Karoryfer Cello

DSmolken and the lovely and skilled cellist Kamila Borowiak have teamed up to give us a great instrument. Actually they have given us two instruments. Mr. Smolken has reworked the cello to include things like vibrato and legato and all the sustain samples are looped for endless play. This download includes both the SFZ and Kontakt versions.

Here is the previous version if you want to use the 'Electric' Shell or the older SFZ version.

The Kontakt version uses the script and shell by Mickaël Ménager.It has all kinds of effects that usually would be used for an electric piano or guitar so you can 'electrify' the cello if you like or just let it be a nice acoustic cello for an orchestra.

Creative Commons 3.0 Unported: Credit Karoryfer Lecolds 
Copyright 2016 Karoryfer Lecolds. Royalty-free for use in all non-commercial and commercial productions. If you want to distribute these in a different sampler format or as part of a larger sample library, please be kind enough to inform Karoryfer Lecolds.

Meat Bass - Double Bass

Karoryfer sample machine D. Smolken sampled and then re-sampled his Double Bass. You can find both versions here. The latest is the Karoryfer Meat Bass with over 400 samples of Arco and Pizzicato. The Arco has every third note sampled in five velocity layers with both up and down bowing which alternate as round robins. The Pizzicato is again every third note sampled with four velocity layers and four round robins. There are also some cool percussive noises from C3 to C4 if you use the G#4 key-switch. This version is definitely more polished than the original and sounds quite good in an orchestral setting.

The earlier version is the D. Smolken Double Bass, which was created before the Karoryfer name as best I can tell. It is rougher, but has its own earthy charm. The previous Kontakt version had some problems, so I fixed it up a bit. It has some great bass 'noises'.

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