Friday, July 1, 2016

Suprise Piano

Reading David Byrne's book about music I was inspired to be weirder. So I tried to create something odd. In this case your hit a key and one of five pianos will play. Oddly when you just hit one key at a time it sounds pretty bad, but often it seems folks play several notes at once and in some sort of sequence. This tends to average out the various pianos somehow and sometimes creates some other piano sound. It is lets be kind and say experimental and you might significantly hate it.

Surprise Piano
 Soundcloud Demo

I tweaked the volumes just a bit on this nki and you can replace the old one with this one if you like.
Alternate nki

This uses the City, Iowa and Skerratt London Public Domain pianos and the Salamander and VSCO 2 Community Orchestra Creative Commons Pianos. The blame rest entirely on my shoulders.
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International: Simon Dalzell and Alexander HolmFeel.


  1. Thanks for this, Joe. Thanks also for explaining the backstory. It does help to understand the inspiration.

  2. I wanted to create something like this as well, but not with a piano. Cool idea!

  3. @Joe: Thanks a lot for that great font :-) I re-rendered one of my compositions for 2 MIDI keyboards with it & it sounded marvelous:

    (Its's #37 on the tracklist, called "An Ocean of Surprise").

    Keep up the good work!!

    All the best from Germany


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  5. We all know that before we start to do one thing, it takes a time to know and make an inspiration to the history of what we wanted to be. great job!