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GM Midi Instruments for Kontakt

 General Midi Sound Set
I'm a bit obsessed with making available all 128 instruments of the General Midi 1 Sound Set. This is the sound set that midi files use to recreate music, soundfonts traditionally revolve around them and if you get 128 voice keyboard these are generally the voices it has.  It is a standard to make sure that when Instrument 1 is called for it is always Acoustic Grand Piano and not bagpipes or a car crash.
Thanks to Sarcyan allowing me to convert his most excellent Musyng Kite Sound Font, I think all 128 sounds are now represented here at old bigcat Instruments and available for Kontakt 5.
Being me, getting all of the GM sound set as instruments for Kontakt calls for a list. A really long list. Initials at the front of the instrument name refers to the maker, see the key at the bottom. If there is more than one instrument that fits the patch, all instruments are listed side by side. Bonus instruments of similar type are included under the more general midi instrument.

Note that you'll need the full version of Kontakt for these to work.

1    Acoustic Grand      *City Piano Warm  City Piano Clean  Maestro Concert Grand 
      continued...       Iowa Piano  MK Acoustic Grand  SSO Grand Piano  S Piano 
2    Bright Acoustic     Salamander Piano  Summer Piano  MK Bright Grand  
     Upright             VSCO 2 Piano Skerratt London  Beskhu Upright  Uncle Daves 
3    Electric Grand      The Y Piano  MK Electric Grand 
4    Honky-Tonk          Shoot the Piano  MK Honky Tonk 
     Intimate            The Whisper  Vospi's Whisper  MSLP Piano Grand Soft 
     Prepared            A Prepared Piano 
     Plucked             Beskhu Plucked Piano
     Toy                 MSLP Toy Piano  Beskhu Toy Piano  Poissonmort Toy Piano 
     Surprise            Surprise Piano  Not Quite Right Piano  Grandmither's Piano   
5    Electric Piano 1    The W Piano  Street Bumper Piano  MK R Piano 
     Detuned             MK Detuned EP 1 
6    Electric Piano 2    The H Planet S Piano  MK Electric 2 
     Detuned             MK Detuned EP 2  
7    Harpsichord         MK Harpsichord 
     Coupled             MK Coupled Harpsichord  
8    Clavinet            MK Clavinet

9    Celesta             MK Celesta
10   Glockenspiel        MK Glockenspiel  SSO Glockenspiel
11   Music Box           MK Music Box
     Found               Finger Piano 
     Chimes              SSO Chimes  Selector Chimes
     Bells               Wuola Medieval Bells 
12   Vibraphone          MSLP Vibraphone  MK Vibraphone
13   Marimba             MSLP Marimba  MK Marimba
     Toy                 MSLP Toy Marimba  MSLP Broken Toy Marimba
14   Xylophone           MSLP Xylophone  MK Xylophone  SSO Xylophone
     Toy                 MSLP Toy Zylo  Beskhu Toy Xylo 
15   Tubular Bells       MK Tubular Bells
     Church Bells        MK Church Bells
     Carillon            Ghent Belfry Carillon  
16   Dulcimer            MK Dulcimer  MSLP Kantele
     Hammered Dulcimer   iternetcone Hammered Dulcimer 
     Toy                 MSLP Toy Zither 

17   Drawbar Organ       MK Drawbar Organ 
     Detuned             MK Detuned Organ 1  MK Detuned Organ 3  
18   Percussive Organ    MK Percussive Organ 
     Detuned             MK Detuned Percussive Organ  
19   Rock Organ          MK Rock Organ 
20   Church Organ        MK Church Organ 1  MK Church Organ 2
     Pipe Organ          Bureu Organ  Saint Augustine's Organ 
                         Burea Funeral Organ  Prudhoe Organ
21   Reed Organ          MK Reed Organ 
22   Accordion           MK Accordion 
     Italian             MK Italian Accordion
23   Harmonica           MK Harmonica  Beeching Harmonica 
     Toy                 MSLP Hippo Harmonica 
     Melodica            MSLP Melodica  
24   Tango Accordion     MK Bandoneon 

25   Nylon String        MF Natural Concert Guitar  Quartertone Guitar  MK Nylon Guitar 
      continued...       S Guitar  MSLP Acoustic Lil Nylon 
      Shell              DIY Philharmonic  Guitar (see here)
     Chords              MSLP Acoustic Guitar Chords 
     Ukulele             MK Ukulele 
26   Steel String        Project 16 Sherwood SH887 Guitar  FS Seagull Steel String Acoustic 
      continued...       FS Ibid Acoustic  MK Steel Guitar 
     12 Sring            MK 12 String Guitar 
     Mandolin            MSLP Mandolin Nillsson  MK Mandolin 
      Shell              DIY Philharmonic Mandolin (see here)
     Tiple               Tiple  
27   Electric Jazz       FS Mor Peter Neck  & Bridge  MK Jazz Guitar 
     Hawaiian            MK Hawaiian Guitar 
28   Electric Clean      FS Panther Both Pickups  FS Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar
      continued...       Cute Emily  MK Clean Guitar  S Jackson EMG
     Chords              MSLP Electric Guitar Chords  
     Chorus              MK Chorus Guitar  
29   Electric Muted      MK Muted Guitar 
     Funk                MK Funk Guitar  
30   Overdriven          MK Overdriven Guitar 
31   Distortion          MK Distortion Guitar 1  MK Distortion Guitar 2 
     Feedback            MK Feedback Guitar 
32   G Harmonics         MK Guitar Harmonics 
     G Feedback          MK Guitar Feedback 

33   Acoustic Bass       FS Washburn Acoustic Bass Guitar  MK Acoustic Bass 
34   Electric Fingered   FS Yamaha Electric Bass Guitar  Quartertone Bass  MK Finger Bass 
     Muffled             FS Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar  
35   Electric Picked     MK Pick Bass 
     Six String Bass     Pasta Bass  
     Variety of Basses   Project16 Bass - Version 2   Eight MSLP Basses 
36   Fretless Bass       FaireDesVague Fretless Bass  MK Fretless Bass 
37   Slap Bass 1         MK Slap Bass 
38   Slap Bass 2         MK Slap Bass 2 
39   Synth Bass 1        MK Synth Bass 1  MK Synth Bass 2
40   Synth Bass 2        MK Synth Bass 3  MK Synth Bass 4

     Sonatina WIPS      Strings  Brass  Woodwinds  Percussion +
     VSCO 2             Strings  Brass  Woodwinds  Percussion  Keys
     *Iowa Full         Tuned    WIPS   Electric   Ensemble
41   Violin             Ldk1609 Violin  VSCO 2 Solo Violin  Kake Violin 
                        SSO Solo Violin MK Violin S Violin 
      Shell             DIY Violin (see here
     Violins            SSO 1st Violins - Take 2  SSO 2nd Violins - Take 2   
                        VSCO 2 Violin Section  Maestoso 18 Violin Ensemble 
42   Viola              *Iowa Viola  WIPS  S Viola  MK Viola
      Shell             DIY Viola (see here
      Country           Mystery Girl Viola
     Violas             SSO Violas - Take 2  VSCO 2 Viola Section 
43   Cello              Karoryfer Cello  MSLP Cello Lofberg   
      continued...      SSO Solo Cello  S Cello  MK Cello
     Celli              VSCO 2 Cello Section  SSO Celli 
     Viola Da Gamba     S Simple Viola da Gamba 
44   Contrabass         Karoryfer Meat Bass  D Smolken Double Bass  Chad's Double Bass Pizz 
      continued...      VSCO 2 Contabass  MSLP Double Bass Lofberg  MK Contrabass 
                        *Iowa Double Bass  WIPS
     Contrabasses       SSO Basses 
45   Tremolo Strings    MK Tremolo Strings 
46   Pizzicato Strings  MK Pizzicato Strings 
47   Harp               SSO Concert Harp  VSCO 2 Concet Harp  MK Celtic Harp 
48   Timpani            SSO Timpani  VSCO Percussion  MSLP Timpani  MK Timpani 
     Frightening Bows   Crotbow  Glockbow 

49   String Ensemble 1  bigcat String Section  MK String Ensemble
50   String Ensemble 2  MK Slow Strings
51   SynthStrings 1     MK Synth Strings 1  Mk Synth Strings 2
52   SynthStrings 2     MK Synth Strings 3  MK Orchestral Pad
53   Choir Aahs         SSO Male  SSO Female  SSO Mixed  MK Choral Aahs
54   Voice Oohs         Betsy  Joseph  MK Melodic Choir 
     Experimental       272 Merry Orks 
55   Synth Voice        MK Synth Vox
56   Orchestra Hit      MK Orchestral Hit 

57   Trumpet            SSO Trumpet  Pablo Trumpet S The Trumpet MK Trumpet 
                        VSCO 2 Trumpet  S Bb Trumpet  *Iowa Trumpet  WIPS 
     Trumpets           SSO Trumpets - Take 2  Fortissimo Trumpet Ensemble      
58   Trombone           MSLP Trombone Knutsson  SSO Tenor Trombone  S Tenor Trombone 
                        VSCO 2 Trombone  *Iowa Tenor Trombone  WIPS 
     Bass Trombone      SSO Bass Trombone  S Bass Trombone 
                        *Iowa Bass Trombone  WIPS 
     Trombones          MSLP Trombone Knutsson Ensemble   SSO Trombones  MK Trombones
                        Fortissimo Trombone Ensemble 
59   Tuba               SSO Tuba  VSCO 2 Tuba  MK Tuba  S Tuba  Iowa Tuba  WIPS 
60   Muted Trumpet      MK Muted Trumpet 
61   French Horn        SSO Horn  VSCO 2 Horn  S Horn  *Iowa Horn  WIPS
     French Horns       SSO Horns - Take 2  MK French Horns  Fortissimo Horn Ensemble 
62   Brass Section      MK Brass Section
63   SynthBrass 1       MK Synth Brass 1  MK Synth Brass 2
64   SynthBrass 2       MK Synth Brass 3  MK Synth Brass 4

65   Soprano Sax        Iowa Soprano Sax  MK Soprano Sax
66   Alto Sax           Karoryfer Alto Sax Electric  Karoryfer Alto Sax WIPs
                        Iowa Alto Sax  *Iowa Alto Sax 2  WIPS
                        Club Alto Sax  Club Jazz Alto Sax  MK Alto Sax
67   Tenor Sax          Club Tenor Sax  MSLP Sax  MK Tenor Sax
68   Baritone Sax       Club Baritone Sax  MK Baritone Sax
69   Oboe               SSO Oboe  VSCO 2 Oboe  *Iowa Oboe  WIPS  MK Oboe  S Oboe  
     Oboes              SSO Oboes 
70   English Horn       SSO Cor Anglias  MK English Horn
71   Bassoon            SSO Bassoon  VSCO 2 Bassoon  *Iowa Bassoon  WIPS 
                        S Bassoon  MK Bassoon  Beskhu Fagott 
     Bassoons           SSO Bassoons 
     Contrabassoon      SSO Contrabassoon  
72   Clarinet           SSO Clarinet  VSCO 2 Clarinet  MSLP Sad Clarinet 
                        MK Clarinet Legato *Iowa Eb Clarinet  WIPS 
                        *Iowa Bb Clarinet  WIPS  S Bb Clarinet 
     Bass Clarinet      *Iowa Bass Clarinet  WIPS  S Bass Clarinet  
     Clarinets          SSO Clarinets   
     Crumhorn           S Crumhorn  Juskiddink Crumhorn

73   Piccolo            SSO Piccolo  MK Piccolo 
74   Flute              MSLP Flute Grbavac  VSCO 2 Flute  SSO Flute  MK Flute 
                        *Iowa Flute  WIPS  
     Alto Flute         *Iowa Alto Flute  WIPS  S Alto Flute SSO Alto Flute 
     Bass Flute         *Iowa Bass Flute  WIPS  S Bass Flute 
     Flutes             SSO Flutes    
75   Recorder           MSLP Recorder  MK Recorder 
76   Pan Flute          MK Pan Flute 
77   Blown Bottle       MK Blown Bottle MK Breathe 
78   Skakuhachi         MK Skakuhachi 
79   Whistle            MK Whistle 
80   Ocarina            MK Ocarina 
  TAYLOR SAMPLED SYNTHS with many leads. pads and effects
     80 Axis            Part 1  Part 2   Part 3
     Bender Roma Eq     Part 1  Part 2
     King One Many      Part 1  Part 2
     Newtron 5          Part 1  Part 2
     Janssen Havoc      Complete
     Payara Psia        Complete

81   Lead 1 (square)    MK Square Lead 
     Lead 1.2 (sine)    MK AC Sine Wave  
82   Lead 2 (sawtooth)  MK Saw Wave
     Lead 2.2 (doctor)  MK Doctor Solo  
83   Lead 3 (calliope)  MK Calliope Lead 
84   Lead 4 (chiff)     MK Chiffer Lead 
85   Lead 5 (charang)   MK Charang 
86   Lead 6 (voice)     MK Solo Vox 
     Lead 6.2 (doo)     MK Doo Vox 
87   Lead 7 (fifths)    MK 5th Saw Wave 
88   Lead 8 (bass+lead) MK Bass + Lead 
89   Pad 1 (new age)    MK Fantasia Pad 
90   Pad 2 (warm)       MK Warm Strings 
91   Pad 3 (polysynth)  MK Polysynth 
92   Pad 4 (choir)      MK Voice Pad 
93   Pad 5 (bowed)      MK Bowed Pad
94   Pad 6 (metallic)   MK Metal Pad 
95   Pad 7 (halo)       MK Halo Pad 
96   Pad 8 (sweep)      MK Sweep Pad 
97   FX 1 (rain)        MK Ice Rain 
98   FX 2 (soundtrack)  MK Soundtrack 
99   FX 3 (crystal)     MK Crystal 
100  FX 4 (atmosphere)  MK Atmosphere 
101  FX 5 (brightness)  MK Brightness 
102  FX 6 (goblins)     MK Goblins 
103  FX 7 (echoes)      MK Echoes 
104  FX 8 (sci-fi)      MK Star Theme 
105  Sitar              MK Sitar 
106  Banjo              FS Golden Key Banjo  MK Banjo  MSLP Banjo 
      Shell             DIY Philharmonic Banjo (see here)
     Oud                Fantom57 Oud 
107  Shamisen           MK Shamisen 
108  Koto               MK Koto 
     Taisho Koto        MK Taisho Koto  
109  Kalimba            MK Kalimba  Beskhu SanzAnais
110  Bagpipe            MK Bagpipe 
111  Fiddle             MK Fiddle  MSLP Folk Violin Lofberg 
112  Shenai             MK Shenai 
     World Instruments  S 9 World Instruments 
     Kayageum           Spt3125 Kayageum 

113  Tinkle Bell        MK Tinkle Bell 
     Jingle Bells       MSLP Jingle Bells 
114  Agogo              MK Agogo 
115  Steel Drums        MK Steel Pan  Steel Drums 
116  Woodblock          MK Woodblock 
     Castanets          MK Castanets 
     Maracas            MSLP Maracas 
117  Taiko Drum         MK Taiko Drum 
     Concert Bass Drum  MK Concert Bass Drum  
118  Melodic Tom        MK Melodic Tom  MK Melodic Tom 2 
119  Synth Drum         MK Snyth Drum 
     808 Tom            MK 808 Tom  
120  Reverse Cymbal     MK Reverse Cymbal 
     Tambourine         S Pink Tambourine 

121  Guitar Fret Noise  MK Fret Noise 
     Guitar Cut Noise   MK Cut Noise 
     String Slap        MK String Slap 
122  Breath Noise       Breathing Noises 
     Flute Key Click    MK Key Click  
123  Seashore           MK Seashore 
     Rain               MK Rain  
     Thunder            MK Thunder 
     Wind               MK Wind 
     Stream             MK Stream 
     Bubble             MK Bubble  Tverse Bubbles
124  Bird Tweet         MK Bird  SFX Goose
     Dog                MK Dog 
     Horse              MK Horse Gallop 
     Grasshopper        S Grasshopper  
125  Telephone          MK Telephone 1  MK Telephone 2
     Door Creak         MK Door Creak  Beskhu Cupboard Creaking 
     Door Close         The Doors  MK Door Slam
     Scratch            MK Scratch 
     Wind Chimes        Beskhu Windchimes  MK Wind Chimes  
126  Helicopter         SFX Helicopter 
     Car Engine         MK Car Engine 
     Car Stop           MK Car Skid  
     Car Pass           MK Car Pass 
     Car Crash          MK Car Crash 
     Siren              MK Siren 
     Train              MK Train 
     Jet Plane          MK Jet Plane 
     Star Ship          MK Star Ship 
     Burst Noise        MK Burst Noise 
127  Applause           MK Applause 
     Laughing           MK Laughter  
     Screaming          MK Screaming 
     Punch              MK Punch 
     Sword Fight        Christopher Derp En Guarde 
     Heartbeat          MK Heartbeat  
     Footsteps          MK Footsteps 
128  Gunshot            Gunshot SFX  MK Gunshot 
     Machine Gun        MK Machine Gun 
     Lazar Gun          MK Lazar Gun 
     Explosion          MK Explosion 
     Basketball         SFX Basketball Bounce
     Jew's Harp         Beskhu Jew's Harp
     Cartoon Boing      SFX Jawharp Boing 
     Vintage Game FX    BLamerichs 8 Bit FX
                        BLamerichs 16 Bit FX
1    Standard Kit       Quartertone Drums  SmithULTD/Evil Dragon Drums  MK Standard Kit 
2    Standard Kit 2     MK Standard Kit 2
     Snares             Sandyrb Snaradise 
3    Pop Kit            MK Pop Kit 
4    Jungle Kit         MK Jungle Kit  
9    Room Kit           MK Room Kit 
10   Room Kit 2         MK Room Kit 2
17   Power Kit          MK Power Kit 
25   Electronic Kit     MK Electronic Kit 
26   TR-808 Kit         MK US 88 
27   TR-909 Kit         MK US 99 
28   GORK Kit           MK Synth QORK  
33   Jazz Kit           MK Jazz Kit 
34   Jazz Kit 2         MK Jazz Kit 2 
35   Latin Kit          MK Latin Kit  
41   Brush Kit          MK Brush Kit 
49   Orchestra Kit      SSO Percussion  VSCO 2 Percussion 
                        MK Orchestra Drums  MSLP Orchestral Percussion
57   SFX Kit            MK SFX Set
81   Electro Kit        MK Electro Kit  
82   Dance Kit          MK Dance Kit    
83   Gabba Kit          MK Gabba Kit  
84   House Kit          MK House Kit 
85   Industrial Kit     MK Industrial Kit 
86   Rave Kit           MK Rave Kit   
87   Techno Kit         MK Techno Kit
105  Ethnic Percussion  MK Ethnic Percussion 
106  Africa Kit         MK Africa Kit 
107  Gamelan            Complete Gamelan  Delft Bonang Barung Pelog GMB Gamelan
128  CM Kit             MK Drum Synth 
* Certain instruments I have tuned to 440.
Certain instruments I've improved with a 'WIPS' script and other features and this download says WIPS. These have legato and vibrato, fake round robins, a smoother velocity scale and can be played using the usual keyboard or midi file, but also a wind controller if you have one.

The WIPS scripts created by Big Bob.
The Ensemble scripts created by Jay Bacal.
Electric Instrument scripts and GUI by Mickaël Ménager.
For these scripts, all rights are retained by their respective authors.
The basic bigcat instruments script was created through a community effort with Matt McKay creating the refinements for the second version. This script is public domain.

Many of these instruments are Creative Commons Attribution. Please credit the following.

MK & Street Bumper Piano - Musyng Kite by Sarcyan.
MSLP - MSLP project created by Erick Kvist.
SSO - Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra by Mattias Westlund.
VSCO 2 - Versilian Studios / Sam Gossner
VSCO 2 Piano - Simon Dalzell of Ivy Audio
Surprise Piano- Simon Dalzell and Alexander HolmFeel.
D Smolken Double Bass, Cute Emily, Pasta Bass, 272 Merry Orks - Karoryfer Samples.
Karoryfer Cello, Meat Bass & Alto Sax - Karoryfer Samples.
S - Sasje.
FS - Flame Studios.
Project 16 Bass & Guitar - Project 16.
Quartertone Drums, Bass & Guitar - Quartertone.
SmithULTD/Evildragon - Quartertone & EvilDragon.
Salamander Piano - Alexander HolmFeel.
Summer Piano - Zenph Studios.
Maestro Concert Grand - Mats Helgesson.
Y, W & H Planet S Electric Pianos - Greg Sullivan
Beskhu - Beskhu.
A Prepared Piano - Kurt James Werner.
Grandmither's Piano - Techsetsu
Uncle Daves - Goup_1.
Poissonmort Toy Piano - Poissonmort.
Finger Piano - Prent Rogers.
Bureu - Lars Palo. Scripting - Matt McKay.
Saint Augustine's Organ - Nick Appleton.
Burea Funeral Organ - Lars Palo.
MF Natural Concert Guitar -  Markus Fiedler.
bigcat String Section - Mattias Westlund and Erick Kvist.
Tiple - Andrés Cabrera.
Club Saxes - Clruwe.
Breathing Noises - The Baron.
The Doors - Sounds from FreeSound.org sampled by Anton, Leady, Ddohler, The Bizness, Lg, Matucha, Joe Deshon, Zabuhailo, Tiptoe 84, Baujahr 66, Ultra Dust, Simpsi, Omar Alvarado, Land Dub and Aiyuma.
Goose - US Fish and Wildlife Service.
Helicopter - Mike Koenig and Chester Barrett.
Gamelan - Akito Van Troyer.
GMB Gamelan - Anamorphosi.
Pablo Trumpet - rcasamajo.
Fortissimo & Maestoso Ensembles - Jasper Blunk.

Any corporate names used are simply those that the instruments were originally created under and the name has been retained to avoid confusion. No relationship, endorsement or connection in any way exists or is implied.

By downloading and using anything on this site you agree to this Limited Warranty & Liability

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    1. Good question. Yes it is legal. Everything here is either Public Domain or Creative Commons. If it is Creative Commons the person to be credited is listed at the bottom of the list.

  5. Is it possible to download all the instruments at once? Thanks

    1. Not really combined they are fairly huge. You can, I think, take a look in Mediafire directories and do a download them all thing?
      Here are a couple directories to try...

    2. Hey Joe, I just wanted to point out that in your Mediafire MSLP link there is a folder called Original, and the rar file for Part 5 is missing.

    3. Thanks for the heads up, Dirk. I'm not sure what happened to that file.
      Now that MSLP had their own site for the originals, I'll just send folks there.

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    (I can't update Kontakt because I have an older version of OS X.)

  9. I have downloaded all of these but how do I actually get them into my contact player?

    1. Create a directory for them and and put them all in that directory, unzipping any zips. Then go to 'Files' in Kontakt and go to the directory you created. you should see the instruments in your Kontakt browser as 'instrument name.nki'

  10. Hey folks, I am working on putting all these in directories that mirror Joe's listings. Wondering how I could get this ya'll when its done? Torrent or Zip?

  11. I even have a text file that I used to create the directory structure. It might be helpful in setting up a .nkb file. I haven't learned about those yet LOL

  12. Its all done, separated out into folders. The zipped ones are still zipped but in appropriate folders. The project zipped up is about 15 Gig. Any ideas where it could live for download?

    1. There have been some torrents across the years. That seemed to be somewhat popular, you might try that.
      You could see if someplace like VSTbuzz is interested.

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    1. Unfortunately the way Native Instruments has Kontakt set up you need the full version of Kontakt to use these outside demo mode. The player version of Kontakt that comes with many commercial instruments won't work. I'm sorry. I really wish it were different.

  16. I very much appreciate the effort that went into this, but not perhaps in the way you might expect. I have two external sound modules, one is a Roland product and the other is a modern(ish) Yamaha. Through the magic of Reaper and the included midi ReaControlMidi, I have access to all of the GM, GS and XG sounds called by the General Midi standard. They are inferior to modern instruments BUT, they are what people worked with when composing songs using the general midi standard.
    I have spent the last few months rearranging general midi pieces using Kontakt instruments and have wondered why Kontakt didn't just produce a superior GM instrument. After contemplating moving this set into my world I have finally faced the fact that General Midi is history.

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    And, very very thanks for these instruments...

    1. Well I've made these across the last three years with whichever version of Kontakt I was using at the time, most of them should work with about 5.5.2 I would guess.

      I looked at this version chart and 5.2 seems to go back to 2013 which i think was before I started making these.

      The newest one 5.6.6 actually seems pretty good and stable to me and the first update since 5.5.2 I've been quite happy with.

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    Many, many thanks. you did a great job :)
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      This should work now.

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    1. You need the full version of Kontakt for these. Kontakt Player will only run them (and all non-player instruments) in demo mode. That might be the problem. I also understand some folks are having trouble with a number of instruments here and otherwise with the latest version of Kontakt 5.6.8, I haven't upgraded yet so I haven't experienced that.

      BTW if I remember right you can get free Drum'Mica and use it to upgrade to Full Kontakt during the current sale (June 2017) for $125.

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  38. VSCO instruments links seem to be all broken...

    1. Thanks I forgot they were there. Fake DMCA issues.

      You can find them all at the links below...


  39. great so much much thanks <3 :))

  40. Replies
    1. Download the Kontakt instrument, unzip it using 7zip, go to the Files Tab in Kontakt 5, find the directory where the instrument is, in the panel below the directory window click on the instrument to load it.

  41. How to create a directory?

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  46. over 56 GB in total according to my findings ...

  47. I have been appreciating this list for about a year, now. It's so helpful! Thank you so much to the authors of this music library.

  48. Hello I tried out a few instruments they sound nice only thing is it keeps saying Demo timed out Activate. I have Maschine MK3 with Kantact 5
    I have full versions of everything. Is this common?

    1. Yep. Happens to me too. Can't figure it out. You need to buy the full version of Kontakt. Like $400

  49. I can move the file to my external hard disk. Any solution to solve the storage problem?

  50. Hello!
    I can 't download all this because the links don't work!
    I want to download everything here.
    Restore the links.

  51. To all of those wanting to download the whole thing: I used the batch link downloader plugin in google chrome, just select links by filename patterns and add *.nki & .zip. This way you get to download 485 files in about 3 clicks. No torrent needed at all.

    1. Some *.rar files as well, not too many though.

    2. when im downloading them like you said its only downloading the html even though i tried putting nki it wont save like that. can you help?

  52. ouuuw it's so amazing. i like it and i love it. i will study music computer now. i need kontakt plugin. it's free!!! thank you very much. good bless you :)

  53. demo time out! :( need serial number

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  76. Does anyone have a recent link to the General MIDI instrument files? A torrent would also work. The file links provided by "Anonymous" above seem to be infected with a serious virus and the files are no longer hosted on the any of the mega download sites. Thanks in advance.

  77. Rip, this used to be a nice blog to download all the cool GM Midi instruments. Unfortunately I never went through the trouble of downloading them all and now all the mediafire download links are dead :(