Monday, August 18, 2014

Electric Pianos

One of the weaknesses of bigcat Instruments has been Electric Pianos. After extensive negotiations with Greg Sullivan (I emailed to ask if I could use his samples and he kindly said Yes.) three new pianos join the family. Having read that some EPiano manufacturers are a bit possessive of their brand and instrument names, I decided to use initials to identify the pianos. Better safe than sued.

The Y Piano is a personal favorite. Greg Sullivan sampled roughly every 4 notes and 4 velocity layers on this piano. Just about every pop and rock act in the mid-70s and 80s seemed to have one on stage as it was the closest you could get to a full Grand Piano without breaking the backs of a roadie army.

The H Planet S Piano has a unique sound thanks to its Sticky Reeds. The H is sampled roughly every 4 notes in two velocity layers. The H was on stage for many rock concerts for decades as it was portable and relatively inexpensive. Script and Shell by Mickaël Ménager.

The W Piano is one of the legendary instruments in modern music history. This piano is sampled at roughly every 6 notes in two velocity layers. The W samples are cited as a particular favorite of Tomislav Zlatic of the excellent Bedroom Producer's Blog.

Thanks again to Greg Sullivan for his excellent samples of these Electric Pianos and for permission to use them to create these Kontakt instruments. Feel free to use these instruments in any projects, but if you want to do anything with the samples directly (like make an instrument in another format) please contact Greg.

As bonus here is the Street Bumper Electric Piano from Sarcyan's Musyng Kite soundfont. It's a nice sounding instrument that was in competition with the W Piano for folks that preferred to go down that Road instead.  Script and Shell by Mickaël Ménager.


  1. Hey man, thanks for this... but the links for W and Y piano do not connect to download page, they take the user to wikipedia....please do something about this bad news!!!!

  2. It is also my favorite Piano.I'm currently using it.It's really awesome.Thanks