Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Drummers Paradise

Nathan Sheeran sampled eight drum kits, 7 acoustic and 1 house, and kindly shared them. These are great for instant gratification as they load up really quickly and sound good. They are about 3 to 5 megs each and so are great for low RAM situations.

Drummer's Paradise for Kontakt 5

For SFZ versions hit the Karoryfer site

Samples by Nathan Sheeran

This is a free download and royalty-free for use in songs. Please do not sell the samples or instruments or redistribute them without the permission of Nathan Sheeran.


  1. Hello. Why do these kits show me as DEMO in Kontakt 5 Player?

    1. Unfortunately to license instruments to work with Kontakt player is very expense, so almost all freebie like this only work with full Kontakt.

    2. Thank you. Please, do I have other possibilities to use this drum kit? Something different than full Kontakt?

    3. Take a look at using the Karoryfer SFZ version instead. I tend toward SForzando as the best free sfz player.

  2. thank you for this, i use this on so many of my songs, especially the funk kit.