Monday, September 7, 2015

All Keyboard Instruments

Rounding up all the Pianos, Electric Pianos and Organs in one post. A work in progress. 

The Grand Pianos 

The City Piano is a fully sampled Baldwin Baby Grand with 4 velocity layers and release samples. It is free and public domain. Do anything you like with it.

Original Versions
Kontakt 5
SFZ  -  by Music Mayor
Sampletank 2.5 - by Vic France. The ikmp file goes in presets. Use Child Instrument.
VSTi City Piano                Win 64   Win 32     Mac VST   Mac AU
VSTi City Piano Lite         Win 64   Win 32     Mac VST   Mac AU
The Samples - Wave files of every note

Improved Versions - All Kontakt 5
Vospi's Version  -  cleaner and crisper
City Piano - Tuned -  digitally tuned
Ultimate City Piano - 30 patches

Derivative Versions

The Whisper is an intimate experience. Think moonlit nights in Paris Cafes.

The Whisper      - Kontakt 5
Vospi's Whisper - Kontakt 5
Whisper VSTi      Win 64   Win 32     Mac VST   Mac AU

Shoot The Piano simulates the tinny sound of the classic barroom piano.

The Iowa Piano is a solid Steinway Model B in under 200 megs.

Iowa Piano - Kontakt 5
Iowa Piano Take 2 - Kontakt 5, a bit more consistent sound, newer shell.
Iowa Piano - SFZ created by Music Mayor.
Iowa Piano VSTi         Win 64   Win 32      Mac VST   Mac AU
Public Domain created from University of Iowa Musical Instrument Samples.

The Salamander Piano is a smooth sounding Yamaha C5.

Thorsten Meyer was kind enough to make a video of the Salamander Piano.

The Salamander Piano - Kontakt 5
Salamander Piano - SFZ hosted on Freepats.
Creative Commons Attribution License - Please Credit Alexander HolmFeel

The Summer Piano is Yamaha Disklavier Pro with real sustain samples.
Summer Piano Sound Cloud Demo

Summer Piano - Kontakt 5
Attribution Creative Commons - Please credit The OLPC Project

The Maestro Concert Grand is a classic Yamaha CF3.
Please credit Mats Helgesson who sampled this piano in 2003.

The Musyng Kite Acoustic Grand is a Fazioli

Creative Commons Attribution License - Please Credit Sarcyan

The Sonatina Grand Piano
Sonatina Grand Piano - Kontakt 5

Upright and Other Pianos

Skerratt London Upright Piano

Skerratt London Upright Piano - Kontakt 5
Skerratt London VSTi    Win 64   Win 32     Mac VST   Mac AU
KungKrill sampled his parent's piano and placed them in Public Domain.

The Beskhu Upright is both played and plucked.
Beskhu 's samples fall under the Creative Commons License. You can do anything you like with them, but please give him credit.

MSLP Soft and Toy Pianos
MSLP Piano Grand Soft - Kontakt 5
MSLP Toy Baby Piano - Kontakt 5
Creative Commons. Please credit Erick Kvist

Uncle Dave's Piano is an upright with a crunchy feel.
Uncle Dave's Piano - Kontakt 5
Samples by Goup_1. Creative Commons, please credit Goup_1.

Poissonmort Toy Piano
Poissonmort Toy Piano - Kontakt 5
Fun little instrument based on Creative Commons samples by Poissonmort. Please credit him. 

A Prepared Piano
Kurt James Werner sampled a prepared piano on the CCRMA stage at Stanford. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. The piano may be used for commercial use as long as credit is given.

The Not Quite Right Piano is good for silent film accompaniment if those films involve pratfalls and pie in the face. Public Domain.
Not Quite Right Piano - Kontakt 5

Jobro Quick Piano for Kontakt
Jobro at sampled a good chuck of a piano using the hit it hard and release quick method of playing. It's missing the top two octaves, but you get about 6 octaves in staccato style in under 3 megs.
Creative Commons: Credit Jobro

Grandmither's Piano for Kontakt
Techsetsu sampled Grandmother's piano with some interesting results saying, "I didn't cut my nails the day I recorded these at my grandmother's house, so you can hear my nails scratch against it in most if not all notes. It is out of tune, which adds a haunted, dead feel to it."
Creative Commons: Credit Techsetsu

Electric Pianos

Thanks to the sampling of Greg Sullivan we have a number of great sounding electric pianos. Please credit Greg. A number have Script and Shell by Mickaël Ménager.

The Y Piano - Kontakt 5
The Y Piano is a personal favorite. Greg Sullivan sampled roughly every 4 notes and 4 velocity layers on this piano.

The H Planet S Piano - Kontakt 5
The H Planet S Piano has a unique sound thanks to its Sticky Reeds.

The W Piano - Kontakt 5
The W Piano is one of the legendary instruments in modern music history.

Bonus from  Sarcyan's Musyng Kite soundfont.
The Street Bumper Piano - Kontakt 5
Musyng Kite Merlittzer    Win 64   Win 32     Mac VST   Mac AU
(K5 and VST are the same instrument, different names, long story!)
Please credit Sarcyan.
The Street Bumper Electric Piano from Script and Shell by Mickaël Ménager.


Burea Funeral Organ

Burea Funeral Organ - Kontakt 5
Note that when you start the organ there will be NO sound. You need to push the stops to choose sounds. The two bottom stops are for the green keys, these simulate the pedals. The stops on the left side are for the light blue keys and the stops on the right for the dark blue keys. You can use more than on stop at a time to create a layered sound.
Samples by Lars Palo of Lars Virtual Pipe Organs under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license.

St. Augustine's Organ

Nick Appleton sampled the organ of St. Augustine's Anglican Church, Neutral Bay. I've turned it into an instrument for Kontakt 5.
The license is St. Augustine's Neutral Bay, Hauptwerk Sample Set, (c) 2009 - Nicholas Appleton,
You can download the full license (also included in the instrument) here but the important bits are the organ can be used to perform works commercially and I can create Derivative Works and redistribute them non commercially.

Bureau Church Organ
Soundcloud Demo - Adeste Fidelis

Bureu Organ - Kontakt 5
There are two buttons / lights under the organ stops. The left one turns that stop on while the right one unloads that stop from memory, so if you are running low on memory you can easily unload samples you aren't using.
Scripting Adviser was Matt McKay.
This sampleset is created by Lars Palo and Graham Goode. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5. Please credit Lars Palo.

Goldenhelix was kind enough to fix some looping issues on some of the stops. You can drop his new nki file into your base directory for the organ for the fix.
Updated Bureu Organ nki

Prudhoe Organ
Here's a little organ for you from the Prudhoe Methodist Church sampled by Mark Beverley. He says the samples are free. Thank you Mark.
Soundcloud Demo
Prudhoe Organ - Kontakt 5
The Pedal is Bourdon 16' and is always on from C-1 to a bit past C1.
The Great Stops are too the left and the Swell Pipes are too the right. You have to turn at least one stop on to get any sound from C2 and up.

bigcat's Amazon ebook page


  1. This is becoming better with every post! What a great collection. Thing is, with a lot of libraries, you already think, the possibilities have been exhausted... The samples just aren't cutting it. But the tuning, adjusting, applying filters just produces amazing result after amazing result. Great stuff.

  2. The Prepared Piano Kontakt file seems to be incorrect for some reason. Any chance of fixing this at all?

    1. I just downloaded and tried it and it seemed to work for me. What trouble are you having?

  3. How do I add these in Kontakt?

    1. Create a directory for them and and put them all in that directory, unzipping any zips. Then go to 'Files' in Kontakt and go to the directory you created. you should see the instruments in your Kontakt browser as 'instrument name.nki'

    2. I went to Files in Kontatk and I went to the dir created, but it doesn't find the .nki file. Infact unzipping the dir Iowa Piano - 64 , inside I find only the Iowa Piano - 64.ddl and a subdirectory (instruments) with the file Iowa Piano - 64.mse inside, but non the .nki file

    3. I think you ended up with the VST version, the Iowa Take 2 is the Kontakt one...

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  4. Hey Joe, thanks for this collection! I have downloaded the "bigcat Full Piano" from KVR... it seems that the Ab3 (med zone) is missing. Is there somewhere a corrected version? I had done already some tweaking and I wish I could complete the ES2 instrument with that bank. thank you

  5. Its been along time since I thought about the 'Full Piano', I believe that was an early name for the Iowa. That note seems not to exist, however I renamed the softer Ab3 to the medium name for you. Sorry but that is the only solution I could think of.

    1. thanks Joe, got it! In the meantime I have switched to the Baldwin Baby Grand samples. I am using them in a Mac App store app.In the about dialog:
      Samples recorded by organized by Joe Stevens
      does that work for you? are there other credits to give? thank you

    2. Sure that is fine. I'm glad to hear they are being put to such a creative use. Grats on your app.

  6. Good evening, thank you for all these pianos they sound amazing!
    Can you please tell me the name of the artist who wrote "poor butterfly"played in most of the demos? Thanks again !

  7. The tune is public domain.
    The music was written by Raymond Hubbell, the lyrics by John Golden. The song was published in 1916.

    I have no idea who did keyboard work. If anyone knows please tell me so I can credit them. It is just one of the midi files floating around the net without any credits. I call them orphan midis.

    1. Thank you for answering so quickly, I've searched on the web and the only decent sheet music I could find about that song is this one : ( , which is clearly not the tune played in the demos! Is there any chance you gave me the wrong name or could you please give me the source of the tune (a website where i can download the file or anything) ?
      Thanks again and have a good day

    2. I think this is the midi?
      Search for "Poor Butterfly", its actually in a medley of three songs.

    3. That's it thank you! Have a good day

  8. Hey dear.. Your information of Keyboard instrument is just awesome. I wanted to know detailed information about keyboard instrument and you have shared all the required details with us. Thanks for the post.

  9. Hello Joe, just wanted to let you know SLR featured The Whisper in a video review of "5 Peculiar Pianos" keep up the great work :)

    1. Thanks its an honor to be mentioned with those other cool pianos. Its fun to hear slightly different variants on the standard piano sound. And of course fun instruments under 30 bucks always peak my curiosity.

  10. This are awesome but I can't seem to lad them. It always says patch was created with a newer version. Please what version of Kontakt did you in creating the patches?

    1. My current version is
      I'm not sure which version each of these was made with as they were created anytime across the last year or two, though many have been updated more recently as I'm an inveterate tinkerer.

  11. The links does not work for me... They won't load

    1. I just tried the download links for many of them at random and they seem to work? Which links didn't work for you? Maybe Mediafire was down for a bit, I'm not sure?

    2. Every links doesn't work for me... I click, wait, wait and nothing appear

    3. I'm sorry to hear that. You could try looking directly at the Mediafire folder that has most of the pianos.

  12. Joe, you really helps us a lot. I am a newbie keyboard player for an Indonesian students congregation in Beijing. Thank you for such beautiful art and dilligence. May Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family. Gatot (Whatsapp: +8618810907798)

  13. Hi! I've a problem with Saint Augustine's Organ. Every time I open it it's empty, I choose the sounds, save it as .nki, and the next time I open it it's empty again. This is pretty annoying since it's a great sample library. Do anyone know what I do wrong? Thanks!

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  15. Spam is a very important musical instrument. There are no people in the world who don't love the music of random people on the internet making pennies while typing comments into blog posts.

    Joe, you need to turn on some spam blocking. :-)

    1. Lol, thanks that shows how much attention I was paying. I do actually have a spam filter and it catches some things but that obviously slipped through.

  16. I like the sound but how do you take it off of demo mode?

    1. Sadly you need the full version of Kontakt. Kontakt Player is in demo mode unless the developer pays Native Instruments a lot of money for licenses.

  17. Hey there, Great samples! I can load them just fine into Kontakt but for some reason they don't show up in the actual "Libraries" tab when I try to use them in FL. Any ideas?

    1. Sadly only 'player' libraries licensed through Native Instruments have their own tabs.

  18. My God man thank you for these great resources.

  19. Thanks for all the posts. The organs are very nice. Some of the pianos are somewhat unusable due to poor recording quality or processing. Iowa, City, Whisper and Beshku so far are so noisy as to not be even remotely useable. Summer Piano seems to be good. Musyng is nice and Sonatina Grand is beautiful. Salamander is also nice and clean. Still waiting to try some of the others. Thanks again for making these available!

    1. You might try Vospi's versions of both the City and Whisper piano as they are much cleaner.

  20. This is the first time i read such type of blogs,Its really useful for the users.Keep updated This type of blogs provide information to the users ..

  21. Thank you so much for making sharing all those great instruments. I'm playing around with the Bureau Church Organ and I'm in love with that sound.

    I've tried to download the Cassette piano but the mediafire link seems broken.

    1. Oops I guess I got rid of that piano and forgot to remove the link. Sorry about that. The only thing I could find that was close was an attempt at a low fi piano.

      Glad you are liking the organ.

  22. Bro, the is the salamander piano just a demo? it says so, it asked me to activate it

    1. You need the full version of Kontakt. It goes into Demo Mode in Kontakt Player.

    2. i think my player is already full version, but its free, free full version. any solution?

    3. I didn't express that well. You need the full $399 version of Kontakt, not Kontakt Player.

      I can't make Player versions of things as you have to pay a licensing fee to NI that is something like $20 per instrument.

      You could try the SFZ version here at the bottom of the page...

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  27. I have the "Kontakt 5 Player Full Version" (5.7.1) ... and i get just the "DEMO" version of BigCat Instrumens... How can i get the full version of your wonderful instruments??? Thanks

  28. Joe, thank you so much for all these. Some of these are truly excellent, and this is a fantastic blog!

    I really could do with a bit of advice and I think you are the man to ask…

    For 16 years now I've owned the Yamaha PSR-GX76. I love it and will probably use it forever. I'm so familiar with its 118 panel voices - I've made hundreds of songs with them.

    Do you happen to know of any way I could obtain these voices as soundfonts?

    The ideal option would be if someone had already extracted the samples from the ROM and put them online? (A similar Yamaha model would do, like the nearly-identical PSR-280/282.)

    But I guess the more likely option would be for me to record the sounds myself, trouble is I wouldn't have a clue how to go about doing such a thing - I don't even know how many velocity levels it has, or "number of notes between samples".

    (By the way, is there a technical term for "number of notes between samples"?)

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    1. Hey Lee.

      I looked around a bit and didn't see any VSTs or Kontakt instruments using those sounds. I'm not familiar with the keyboard, but I know rights for things get really messy, so it might be that Yamaha owns the rights to the samples and no one else can legally use them for a soundfont.

      I've really only ever sampled a pianos, so I might not be a good one to ask however, we have a little community at
      They might be able to help you out. Mattias who made Sonatina and Sam from VSCO and others hang out there who know a lot more about this than I do and I know they like old synths.

    2. Thank you again, Joe, so helpful! :) I'll definitely sign up to Scoring Central, it seems like exactly the kind of place I need to be: The music I've made on my keyboard has been mostly "pop" stuff, but I've always wanted to get more into orchestral and scoring: that's really what's driving me to get into DAWs and soundfonts in the first place. Cheers.

  29. This collection looks so cool :) but I don't manage to install the VST's properly, when I open the VSTs in Ableton, it opens a window that says "Cannot find any instrument.", could you help me out? Thanks a lot

    1. there should be a .dll file in your vst directory as well as a .instrument directory. In the .instrument directory should be a .mse file. The mse is the actual instrument so if the dll can't find it, you will get that instrument not found message.

  30. I'm always late to the party, but... I've downloaded a few of the instruments and my favourite has to be the Iowa Steinway. I control it from my old (15 years old) Yamaha PSR... and it sounds beautiful; infinitely better than any of the PSR's soundsets... and I usually loose myself for a few hours at a time in it!

  31. I'm seriously speechless! Thank You, thank You, Thank You!

  32. Which is best? What is the difference between them? What are the advantages of buying a digital piano over an acoustic piano and vice versa?

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