Sunday, July 13, 2014

Musyng Kite for Kontakt

Sarcyan has created a huge Soundfont called Musyng Kite. At 200 plus instruments and over 6500 samples, I'm glad for Kontakt's fairly easy conversion features. Thanks Native Instruments!

Just so we are on the same page. These are fun, classic, retro sounds. They are not intended to take the place of the sounds on the K5 Factory library. As you can see the piano is 50 megs, while the Salamander Piano available on this site is nineteen times larger and of course you can hear the difference. If you want massively sampled modern sounds this isn't for you. If you want fun sounds, carefully molded by Sarcyan that will give your audio pallet an interesting slightly quirky feel, you will enjoy. There are lots of odd sounds, sound effects, cool vintage synth sounds and just obscure instruments that might be hard to find.

Here is the entire soundfont in one big file. It is sorted in GM order aka piano, chromatic, organs...
Musyng Kite for Kontakt 5

Soundcloud Demo
Acoustic Piano Soundcloud Demo

Here is the Kontakt 5 conversion in Alphabetical Order. If you download the big file above, you don't need to download these.
The Letter A - Acoustic Grand Piano, Accordion, Africa, Agog, Alto Sax, Applause and more
The Letter B - Bagpipe, Banjo, Bass & Lead, Bright Grand Piano, Brass and more
The Letter C - Celtic Harp, Clarinet, Clean Guitar, Cars and more
The Letter D - Distorted Guitars,  Detuned Organs, Doors, a Dog and more
The Letter E - Electric Pianos, Electric and Ethnic Percussion and more
The Letter F -  Fiddle, Flute, French Horn, Freaky Footsteps and more
The Letters G & H -  From Gabba to House with Gunshot, Harpsichord and Harmonica and more
The Letters I, J, K & L - Lots of Drums, Industrial, Jazz, Jungle and Latin and more
The Letters M, N & O -  Mandolin, Muted Guitar, Nylon Guitar, Overdriven Guitar and more
The Letter P & R -  The Piccollo, a Legendary Electric Piano, Organs, Drums and more
The Letter S, Part 1 - It's a big letter.  Ethnic, Drums, Bass a little Sax and more
The Letter S, Part 2 - Synth Bass, Synth Brass, Synth Strings, Synth Drums... and more
The Letter T - From Bells, Tinker and Tubular, to Trumpets, Trombones and Tubas and more
The Letters U 2 Z -  Ukulele, Vibraphone,  Xylophone and no Zs at all and more

The Musyng Kite Soundfont is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. Sarcyan says "Please note that Evanessence (previous name of Musyng Kite) soundfont is a compilation of samples from different people and my own collections/work. Many of the samples were edited from different free sources and hence it is a free soundfont, thus not meant to redistribute as a commercial soundfont or use it for any commercial purpose. Other than that, you can sell any music and so on you have made with it, it's up to you."


  1. Thank you for all these great kontakt instruments. This is quite a collection of sounds.

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