Monday, April 21, 2014

MSLP Project

I've converted most of the MSLP instruments to Kontakt 5. I think it was about 5 years ago that Erick Kvist released this instrument collection. It is an impressive feat to create something like 15,000 samples. I thank him and the musicians who helped him for making these samples available to us. There are a number of beautifully sampled instruments here, such as the flute, the trombone and the cello and even those more lightly sampled are still fun sounds than can make a nice addition to your instrument library. Also for the kid in you, ten sampled toys.

Erick is back with a new website. It has the samples along with NN-XT patches for you Reason folks.

MSLP Flute Grbavac - over 900 samples, 180 megs compressed. There are vibrato and non-vibrato modes with 3 velocity layers, round robin staccatos and more.

MSLP Trombone Knutsson - 650 samples, 84 megs, 3 velocity layers, staccato round robins, gliss, swells and more. Note that the sonic jump from the loudest layer to the middle layer is quite extreme.
MSLP Trombone Knutsson Ensemble -  500 samples, 56 megs, when 1 trombone isn't enough.

MSLP Cello Lofberg -  68 megs, 800+ samples, 3 velocity layers in sustain and staccato and more

MSLP Piano Grand Soft -  fully sampled, 1 soft velocity layer so it works nicely as an intimate piano.

Idiophone Collection
MSLP Marimba -  fully sampled with two velocity layers as well as a mute layer.
MSLP Xylo  - fully sampled in two velocity layers with non-mute and mute.
MSLP Vibro -  fully sampled, 1 velocity layer long, short, mute and bowed.

Note that the following are (hopefully) fun audio toys rather than serious instruments. They have one velocity layer and often the samples are too short.

MSLP Acoustic Guitar Chords and MSLP Electric Guitar Chords - Strum in either major or minor chords. 3 round robins. It really sounds like someone strumming a guitar and that can be hard to find.
MSLP Acoustic Lil Nylon -  A little guitar.
Eight MSLP Basses - Wide variety of Basses.
MSLP Double Bass Lofberg - Has sustain, staccato and pizzicato for solo and ensemble.
MSLP Mandolin Nillsson - 750 samples, 1 velocity layer, that's a lot of round robins.
MSLP Folk Violin Lofberg - A fiddle that has seen better days, samples are short.
MSLP Banjo - Team with the fiddle and the mandolin for a country jam. 6 round robins.
MSLP Kantele
MSLP Sad Clarinet - Lightly sampled, will give you the blues.
MSLP Saxophone - From earlier Sax collection. More a sax sound collection than a true instrument.
MSLP Orchestral Percussion - includes Bass Drum, Timpani and Tambourine
MSLP Timpani  Long Crescendo
MSLP Maracas
MSLP Jingle Bells

Speaking of Toys here is a collection of sampled toys

MSLP Toy Baby Piano -  Sampled in three velocity layers and has four round robins
MSLP Melodica - Is a Melodica a toy? At 60 megs, its a fairly well sampled toy.
MSLP Toy Zither - 48 megs of toy zithery goodness.
MSLP Toy Zylo
MSLP Toy Marimba
MSLP Broken Toy Marimba
MSLP Recorder - 4 lightly sampled recorders in one instrument.
MSLP Hippo Harmonica
MSLP Tropical Typhoon
MSLP Easter Eggs

Based on samples from the MSLP project created by ERICK KVIST. These samples are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution non-commercial 3.0. From the read me.txt, "THE SAMPLES ARE FREE TO USE FOR ANY CREATIVE MUSICAL PURPOSES. YOU CAN SELL YOUR MUSIC MADE FROM THE SAMPLES. I ONLY ASK YOU TO (IF POSSIBLE AND CONVENIENT!!) GIVE THE PROJECT CREDIT, e.g. END TITLES OR CD SLEEVE.
OTHERWISE, DROP ME A LINE, I'D LOVE TO KNOW WHERE THE SAMPLES ARE BEING USED." So you can use these commercially if you were so inclined just credit Erick Kvist.


  1. These old converted instruments sound pretty good. The only thing I notice is the load times into Kontakt are a little slow for some. Great job with the GUI's.

    thank you very much for these,


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      Bigcat Instruments: Mslp Project >>>>> Download Full

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  2. Thanks again for the additional Kontakt instruments.


  3. Hello,

    Found a small problem with the MSLP Double Bass Lofberg. When keyswitch D0 is pressed/selected, the Pizz RR 4 does not seem to play a sound,at least for me it doesnt. The other Round Robins work fine. All the other selections of the Double bass work fine also. Slowly going through them all to see how they sound/work.

    I downloaded the double bass again and did the same thing.

    take care,


  4. Thanks for your feedback. I have a slow harddrive so I'm a bit too obsessed with compressing everything and loading everything into memory and I think this tends to make the instruments slow to load. I should make DFD versions of the larger instruments.
    Thanks for the report on the Double Bass, let me see if I can get that fixed and reuploaded.

  5. Fixed I believe. Thanks again for pointing that out!

  6. Thank you Joe for the fix with the Double Bass,works great now. Went through all the other instruments last night and did not see any problems with them. The load times dont bother me, the few big ones take about 30 to 60 seconds to load.

    I do have one big library, until I did a batch save on it, took 3-4 minutes to load the first patch. Even with the batch save, it still takes around 1 minute to load the first patch. After that the patches load within 15 seconds.
    Guess its a Kontakt thing.

    I downloaded all the Philharmoic items and have all the tools to put them together. Just need to find extra time to do all my cool music stuff. Thanks for these also.

    Thanks for the great work with new Kontakt instruments.

    take care


  7. Thanks for the libraries!

    Are these for the full version of Kontakt, or will they work with the Player as well?


  8. Unfortunately they will only work in 15 minute demo mode in Player.

  9. What version of Kontakt is required?
    I've got v5.3 and the patches won't load...

  10. I just looked and I have version 5.31.37. I think its the latest version, I updated with Service center a while back.

  11. Thank you for your community contrib! Would be nice to get that collection in one ZIP ball to to simplify download of the full archive. If bandwidth is the issue i would provide fast host space (http/ftp) for free in the back to the project.

  12. Hello; the links for "Eight MSLP Basses" and "MSLP Banjo" have extra quotes at the end. It's easy enough to paste the link a in new window and remove the extra endquote, but a less internet-savvy person may just skip over these files. :)

  13. Niels, The zip idea is a good one, but I have to admit I have somewhat slow upload speeds and the thought of uploading a file that size set my brain on edge. The Salamander Piano took three nights with crashing and all kinds of problem If you would like to make a zip and host it, that would be great. I'll link to it from this page.
    Kinto, thanks I think i got it fixed. Unfortunately the Banjo doesn't want to load right now anyway so I can't test it. Mediafire is having a few issues it seems.

  14. Thanks so much! Really enjoying these. Any others in the pipe line?

  15. PS, yes some of the instruments take a looooong time to load. I've been re-saving them with the the samples and just adding a number to the name so they're completely in Kontakt format. After that, they load fast!

  16. The MSLP stuff is mostly done, there is a smaller close flute and some drums I'll probably work on eventually. I need to change the blog post to not say I'm starting the project.
    I need to get back to the DIY Philharmonic, maybe tackling strings. I'd like a nice string section, might try to get that out of the new Iowa Samples when I'm feeling ambitious.
    Speaking of pipes, my current obsession is converting free GrandOrgue and Hauptwerk Organs over to Kontakt. I've found about a dozen different organs that seem to give permission to convert them. Check out the Saint Augustine's two post above this one, I'm pretty proud of that, did a new script for it, split the keyboard, added colors for each playing range, all stuff I've never done before.
    Sorry its so slow, not sure why monoliths would be slower than samples.

  17. Flute, trombone, cello, marimba... all very nice!

  18. Thanks... will be trying out the timpani one :)
    been searching around the net for timpani to use with Trance music production (orchestral elements in trance)

  19. thank you so much, all very nice

  20. but what good are they if you can only use them for 15 minutes?