Friday, January 1, 2016

Jasper Blunk

Jasper Blunk Orchestral Instruments for Kontakt

Maestoso 18 Violin Ensemble

Fortissimo Trumpet Ensemble
Alt Samples for Trumpet - Fortissimo Gently Tuned Sample Pool
Vibrato Trumpets

Fortissimo Horn Ensemble
FFF Horn Samples Tuned by a  Noah Horowitz.
8 Horns FFF Bells Up Sustains   

Fortissimo Trombone Ensemble

Jasper Blunk created these instruments. I did not, but he kindly allowed for redistribution as long as there was no charge.
The readme says "Can be used for commercial and noncommercial purposes."
See the included readme for more information.


  1. Will there be SFZ patches?

    1. I don't make SFZ patches myself however there has been some talk of making them over on the KVR forum. If any are made I will update the post with that information.