Friday, January 1, 2016

Electric Iowa Orchestra

I've been messing with the University of Iowa samples for a long time now. My latest toy has all of those sustain samples plus the sustains from the LDK1609 Violin packed into Mickaël Ménager's script and GUI. You can add all kinds of funky effects and amp sims to your orchestra from inside the instruments.
The Iowa samples are Public Domain. Please credit LDK1969 for the Violin.
The only thing missing is a Cello, which you can find here. Thank you D Smolken.


  1. Thank you for these instruments. The only real minor thing I have noticed playing with these instruments is ability to hold longer background sustains with them cause the samples are not looped. Samples are currently around 4-5 seconds which is good for most playing. Other than that, your GUI gives allot of features to be creative with the sounds.

    take care,