Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Here is a collection of 5 toy piano type instruments.

Note this requires Kontakt 5.6.6 or later.
Creative Commons Attribution: BeskhuCorsica_S, Poissonmort
Creative Commons Sampling Plus: Tombola
Public Domain: Taylor Sampled

This chap named pjcohen has put up some really nice drum, cowbell, harpsichord and standup acoustic bass samples. Bass is up first. To quote the gentleman.
"This standup bass was sampled using a direct pickup as well as stereo overhead mics for some room ambience. Articulations include a normal pizzicato, or finger plucked note; a stopped note as performed with the finger; a stopped note performed Bartok style; and some miscellaneous sound effects: a slide by the hand down the strings, a slap on the strings, and a knock on the wooden body of the bass. Do enjoy; feedback is welcome!"

Note this requires Kontakt 5.6.6 or later.
Instrument and Samples are placed in the Public Domain.

Sauron974 placed five Shofar samples in the public domain, "An 18" ram's horn shofar being sounded from a few feet away."

Note this requires Kontakt 5.6.6 or later.
Instrument and Samples are placed in the Public Domain.

I asked over on the Cakewalk forums for any ideas for instruments. Fleer suggested a deeply sampled pan flute which I have utterly failed to deliver, but in searching I found this really cool instrument. Made by Mr. Shoes as he explains, "I used a 3/4 in. diameter PVC tube stopped at one end and water to create all of the notes. the notes have even temperament. they may be slightly off in terms of tuning at the top end, but overall, I'd say not too much." There are 20 samples and I stretched the ends a bit so you have over 2 octaves of PVC pipe and water goodness.

Note this requires Kontakt 5.6.6 or later.
Instrument and Samples are Creative Commons Attribution: Mr. Shoes.


  1. Hi, folks! This is Phill C (the pjcohen mentioned above^). I'm working on a "2.0" version of the standup bass from the original recording session. This will include four round-robin samples for each normal pizzicato note, two dynamic levels for the Bartok articulation and for the finger stops, as well as more effects to round out the usefulness of the set.

    I also have bowed recordings, however these will likely not be included for three reasons: 1) there are a number of dynamic levels and expressive styles, 2) they would require looping, and 3) this was meant to be a plucked jazz instrument rather than a symphonic bass from the beginning anyway.

    If anyone has feedback on the set, you can reach me at p.j.cohen(at) and I *do* reply to folks who write. So, enjoy the samples and look for an update as soon as I collate the pieces from the recording session.


    -- Phill

    1. Thanks for the great sampling you do and for sharing it with us. I look forward to your new samples.

  2. I have a quick question. i am interested in trying out the shofar sounds. Kontakt asks me for a serial number. It will not let me go any further without that. What do I do?

    Great job guys!!


  3. Hum I'm not sure what to tell you. These should all run in the full Kontakt version without any serial numbers.
    I recently upgraded to 5.6.8 and I know that you can't have 'Custom' tabs with a non-player nicnt (I think that was the extension) anymore. Maybe that is the problem?

  4. Thank you for these wonderful samples.

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