Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Beskhu Collection

The fun thing about cruising is that you often find things completely unexpectedly. I was looking for a lute, which so far has been futile, when I came across the samples of Beskhu. As you've noticed I like pianos and Beskhu has sampled a nice parlor type piano that sound something like the one in my house when I was a kid. Plus he sampled the piano plucked by fingers and all kinds of other fun things. I've started with Kontakting the piano samples and will add others as I figure out what to do with them.

The Upright Piano has every note sampled across the 88 key range with one velocity layer. The Plucked Piano has the bass and midrange but is missing the highest octaves, though I did stretch the top note a bit. For the Schroeder in you, the toy piano is a cute little thing and the black keys aren't just painted on. Linus would love the toy xylophone. Largely because it would drive Lucy bonkers.

What a name! Anyone have any knowledge of this instrument? I've read variously that it is simply another name for the Bassoon or that it is the predecessor to the Bassoon or that is is related to the Dulcian. Or all of the above.

I think this is an African finger piano? The sound is sort of a small hammer tapping tuned wires. It is a fun little instrument at all of 2 megs. I tried to make percussive and sweet articulations along with the normal one.

Pleasant Wind Chimes spread across two octaves.

Sampling a Jew's Harp is moderately insane. Turning Jew's Harp samples into a Kontakt instrument drops the moderately.

Sound effects of a creaking cupboard. They are not in a melodic type order on the keyboard.

Beskhu 's samples fall under the Creative Commons License. you can do anything you like with them, but please give him credit.


  1. Dear 'Ol Big Cat
    Have you seen the Mridangam samples on freesound - they are under creative commons licence from their website.
    and the freesound link is
    love the work you are doing - crumhorn with the orignial baroque tunings are ace
    regards Alex -

  2. Thanks.
    That is an impressive set of samples. I hadn't a clue that a Mridangam existed until now, but I'll see what I can figure out. Could be fun.

  3. Hey this is a great collection. I was not aware that most of these things existed. So thanks for sharing, i will surely try them out. Thanks !!