Monday, February 23, 2015

QuarterTone Rhythm Section

I really don't understand drums, but these great Samples by Quatertone made me want to give them a try. If you can give them a test it would be much appreciated. There are over 2500 samples. The mod wheel controls the pitch of the Kick, Snares and Toms. The lower the mod wheel, the lower the pitch. Check this as when Kontakt loads up for me the mod wheel is always down giving the lowest pitch by default. The keyswitches alter the sound quite a lot. In general the lower white keyswitches are a louder more open sound while the black keys give things like a Cross Stick Strike. Be warned this is almost a gig download and takes about 500 megs of memory.

Soundcloud Demo 

Sometime ago the brilliant Kontakt scripter EvilDragon created a fine Kontakt instrument using these samples. He was kind enough to give permission for old bigcat to host this drumkit. It is a significantly different and in many ways superior version to mine that you should try.

SmithULTD / Evil Dragon Kontakt Drums

Based on Samples by Quartertone at
Licensed as Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, please give credit to Quartertone and Evil Dragon for these drums.

If you are looking for more free Drums check out this list from Bedroom Producers Blog.

And here's the other part of the Quartertone Rhythm Section. The Bass Guitar. 

Based on samples created by Quartertone.  The license is Creative Commons Attribution. Please give that credit to Quartertone.

You can find the Quartertone Guitar below.

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