Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ldk1609 Violin

Creative Commons Attribution: ldk1609 @ www.freesound.org

This violin has a pleasant tone and a very natural sounding decay and with 250 samples and 6 articulations it is quite heavily sampled for a free instrument. Every note is sampled in a single velocity layer, though I extended the range a bit using the last high and low note.

There were some mistakes in the first version, that are now corrected.

Keystroke Articulations: 
E1 - Tremolo, F1 - Arco Non-Vibrato (Default), F#1 - Arco Vibrato,
G1 - Pizzicato Non-Vibrato, G#1 - Pizzicato Vibrato, A1 - Spiccato

Fiddling around - LDK1609 is the second half.


  1. I'd love to see these as SFZs -- I'm non-kontakt.

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