Monday, October 16, 2017

On a break

Starting soon old bigcat instruments aka me is taking a break from instruments, the internet and life for a while. I hope to be back sometime Summer of 2018 or so. Thanks to everybody who has sample instruments and put them under a CC / PD license. Thanks to all the freebie instrument makers. It is a great time to love making music and to be broke. I think there are more and better free instruments now then there have ever been. A number of folks are making great free SFZ instruments.

Keep an eye out for Sample Science as he is going to be coming out with a new Player which should be awesome. It may well be the best free VSTi ever. Though tossing him a couple buck to say thanks and cover bandwidth is always nice.

Thanks to my buddy Sam for creating the VSCO2 chamber orchestra. He is a great guy and has a great crew. Simon does awesome stuff with the GUIs. Check out the Pro version of the orchestra.

I'm sorry some jerkish company that makes an android video app of some kind slapped a takedown notice on the VSCO2 orchestra. How they thought files that said orchestra and flute and other instruments in the file name itself would be a copy of their stuff is beyond me. Apparently you can just use the DMCA to take down anything you want off the internet is you have lawyers.

I'm sorry to those of you who have trouble getting the Maize VSTis to work. They seem to work fine for me in Studio One and friends have tested them in other DAWs for me. If a DAW uses standard  I would just download one and try it by unzipping it in your VST folder. If the DAW can find and use it you are set. If not I would try to find SFZ versions. Reaper has problems with the full orchestras but can use the individual instruments.

Anyway good luck with your music and thanks for dropping by and check out the instruments. I hope you find something useful hear.


  1. Thanks for all you've done for the music community, and for making all these resources available for free. You are amazing, and I wish you all the best!